Netflix is Looking to Enter the Video Game Market?

With them having a number of truly excellent exclusives under their umbrella, while Netflix has somewhat dabbled in the video game market, to date it has mostly been issuing licenses for other companies to produce them (such as Stranger Things, for example). Following a report via PCGamesN, however, inside sources claim that Netflix might be actively looking to cut out the middle man. So yes, they might be entering the world of game development!

Netflix is Getting Into Gaming?

Although there is absolutely no categorical proof of this (yet), the source claims that several “veteran game industry executives” have been approached to join the company. Although the exact purpose of their employment is unclear, the overwhelming theory largely either falls into one of two camps. They’re either looking to create their own version of Apple Arcade, or they might be going full throttle into the world of AAA gaming development.

What Do We Think?

As above, in many respect, the decision would make a lot of sense. With the subscription platform already in place, is it too far fetched to suggest that they might combine with this some kind of gaming-based content? More so, with the aforementioned Netflix exclusive shows they have, it would certainly be a lot more profitable for them to actually create any gaming spin-offs themselves rather than just selling (and potentially diluting) the license.

We’ll keep you posted, but if you were to ask me if this is happening, I’d say yes. It just, at least to me, makes absolutely total sense!

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Mike Sanders

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