Is Netflix Planning to Implement P2P Streaming?

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Inspired perhaps by pirate home cinema app Popcorn Time, it seems Netflix is considering peer-to-peer (P2P) support for its video streaming service. A recent job post by the company for a Senior Software Engineer suggests that it sees P2P as the latest technological step for its media platform, which specifically lists BitTorrent and P2P as desirable skills.

The job listing reads:

We are looking for an experienced, talented and highly-motivated Senior Software Engineer with a strong background in networking and full-stack web application development. Our team is evaluating up-and-coming content distribution technologies, and we are seeking a highly talented senior engineer to grow the knowledge base in the area of peer-to-peer technologies and lead the technology design and prototyping effort.

As a senior member of the team, you will be expected to drive the requirements of the project throughout its lifecycle: architecture/design, implementation, testing, release (for internal use), evaluation and support. You will need to exhibit strong leadership and communication skills, while successfully setting and executing on the engineering and release priorities in a dynamic application development environment. This is a great opportunity to enhance your full-stack development skills, and simultaneously grow your knowledge of the state of the art in peer-to-peer content distribution and network optimization techniques.

Minimum Job Qualifications:

– You are curious about and analyze systems that other people take for granted

– You like to figure out how systems work and how you can improve them

– You have at least five years of full-stack web application software development experience

– You have a solid understanding of how to make systems and software more secure

– You have a successful track record of delivering quality results in cross-functional projects

– You have solid understanding of the software development process and the task involved 

– You have experience with peer-to-peer protocols such as the BitTorrent protocol

The move to P2P makes a lot of sense, increasing streaming quality while reducing overheads, priming Netflix to launch more 4K content to even more customers.

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Thank you Torrent Freak for providing us with this information.

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