Netflix Releases Backstory Featurette Video for ‘Bright’

/ 3 weeks ago

Netflix Releases Backstory Featurette Video for 'Bright'

Netflix‘ big budget fantasy action movie ‘Bright’ introduced a unique world to television. It combines elements and creatures of fantasy with contemporary setting. It is also apparent to everyone who saw the movie that a large chunk of the backstory is not explained in full. That is of course, due to time constraints since the movie has to be cut down to feature length. However, a few weeks after its premiere, Netflix has now released a short video featurette providing a backstory to the movie. In particular, it revolves around the history of magic in the ‘Bright’ universe.

Bright: History of Magic Featurette Video

They probably should have released this right before the movie. It would have made the storyline much clearer for some. Although this video seems like a rush job. Since the narrator’s audio is actually not as loud as the background music in some parts. Making it difficult to hear.

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As it stands now, much of the audience actually like the movie. It stands at 88% positive viewer approval on Rotten Tomatoes, despite having a 28% Fresh score from professional critics. Not that Netflix minds the critical lashing. In fact, they have already approved for a sequel even before Bright premiered. Whether it will be another $100 million budget movie is still up in the air. Afterall, around $20 million of that is for Will Smith’s salary alone.

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