Netflix Testing New Subscription Plans, Including 3 streams for $9.99

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Netflix often run little tests and promotions right before they go bit time with their new ideas, it’s a great way to test the water and see how popular something will be, as well as test the underlying infrastructure. Recently we’ve started seeing the roll-out of their next new subscription plan, which allows a single SD stream for just $6.99. Cheaper options may appeal to some, but it looks like Netflix have bigger ideas, more streams for  more money.

They already offer up four streams for $11.99, but they look to be treading a steady middle ground with a $9.99 option for three streams, which will include HD and SD streams. They’re still avoiding the more common subscription TV-style tiered pricing, such as you see on Sky TV and Virgin Media here in the UK, but it is clear they’re trying to find a sweet spot to appeal to a wider audience.

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