Netflix to End Wii U and 3DS Support This Summer

Given the popularity of the Netflix streaming service, I’m sure it’s not exactly news if I was to tell you that in terms of any online technology, you can probably find a means of installing and using it to watch (stream) your favorite shows. When certain products start to get a little irrelevant, however, it’s not uncommon for services to, sooner or later, eventually get shut down, and following a report via VideoGamer, in something that both is and isn’t surprising, Netflix has confirmed that it will be ending its service on both the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS this Summer.

Netflix is Leaving the 3DS and Wii U

Now, in regards to the Wii U, this is a pretty understandable decision. It did, after all, sell remarkably poorly and has since been superseded by the vastly more successful Nintendo Switch for nearly 4 years now. Yes, as mad as it sounds, the Nintendo Switch is quickly approaching its 4th birthday! – I must admit though, I find the decision to discontinue it on the 3DS a little surprising. – Yes, the handheld console is old, nearly 10-years to be exact, but given that it was one of Nintendo’s most best selling products of all time, you would’ve thought it might have had a little more Netflix life left in it yet.

Probably the Right Decision

I daresay that Netflix has made this decision following them watching the decline in user figures on those particular platforms. Some may be asking though, why are they choosing to end it entirely? Well, given that they have to spend resources offering support, updates, and general upkeep etc. on those platforms, it does sort of make sense for them to end it if, ultimately, only a handful of people are actually still utilizing them for their streaming pleasure. Particularly if Netflix feels fairly confident there are other means in which they can enjoy their services which, quite frankly, there probably would be.

So, when will it end? – Well, Netflix will officially be removed from the 3DS and Wii U on June 30th and I should note that as of December 31st, the application has only been made available to those who had previously downloaded it before. So if you are still avidly watching Cobra Kai, Breaking Bad, or the Crown on either of those systems, you might want to start thinking about your options because, quite frankly, you’ve only got 6 months left!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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