Netflix To Move Away From Binge Releases To Weekly Drops?

Although this hasn’t always been the case (with more than a few exceptions), typically speaking when Netflix drops a new show they tend to dump all of the episodes in one fell swoop. This does, of course, invite the consumer to sit down and binge-watch the entire thing. – Following a report via ScreenRant, however, Netflix is reportedly considering dropping this model not just for their own in-house productions, but possibly across all of their upcoming releases.

Instead, they may be planning to release all new TV shows on a weekly (episodic) basis. And in this regard, there may be a key reason for it beyond simply trying to give us all a bit of a break from our screens.

Netflix to Scrap Binge Drops!

We should note that the call for a weekly release schedule for some of Netflix’s biggest shows isn’t new. This largely comes from people who perhaps don’t have the time to watch 10 episodes in a single weekend binge, but get regularly get it all ruined for them when leaks/spoilers appear online. – Overall though, if Netflix does make this move, while I daresay that they might use this as a public reason, I suspect there’s a more basic point underlying it.

Namely, by releasing a season’s episodes in one fell swoop, people can literally sign up for a Netflix subscription and then cancel their package as soon as the month is up. By going on a weekly episodic basis, however, this would typically require most people who do this to remain on the platform for at least an additional month and possibly 2 if the show/series has over 8 episodes. – It isn’t, after all, any secret that Netflix is currently haemorrhaging users as subscription counts since the start of the year are understood to have already fallen by circa 3 million.

What do you think though? Would you be in favour of a weekly release schedule or would you prefer Netflix to still, where possible, go for the en-masse drop? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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