New 21″ iMacs are “Assembled in United States”

/ 5 years ago

A owner of a shiny new 21″ iMac was surprised that his newly purchased system came with an unexpected “Assembled in USA” label- and not China as one would usually expect mostly when it comes to mass produced models.

When he checked with his neighbour’s newly purchased iMac to be sure, but that was marked “Assembled in China”. Although most of the components are sourced from China and such countries manufacturing components, Apple most likely has a part of the assembly line in U.S.

Back in 2006, according to CNN Tech, there were certain units with the same label. Consensus was that its most likely was a “Made-to-Order” product.

But in this case, it was an entry-level-off-the-shelf model. Maybe Apple, Inc. was using all of their resources to meet with demands/ requirements? Even during iFixit’s teardown has the “Assembled in United States” label.

But for the FTC to allow to validate the label, the product should have a ‘substantial transformation’ in the country. This means that having a system being put together in United States doesn’t qualify them to use the label. Either Apple, Inc. is lying- or there’s a manufacturing process in U.S.

Source: ABC News

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