New 27-inch Philips G-SYNC Monitor Coming Soon

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Today is a great day for gaming fans as Philips have revealed their new premium grade gaming monitor; the 272G5DYEB. The monitor may not have the slickest name ever, but its specifications and features speak for themselves; the new monitor is the latest display to feature Nvidia G-SYNC technology and is backed up with an impressive 144Hz refresh rate to provide ultra smooth performance.

The high refresh rate is a welcome bonus and will no doubt look incredible on the monitors 27-inch panel. The 272G5DYEB comes equipped with a full-HD 1920 x 1080 panel, a super quick 1ms GTG response time and promises superior image reproduction.

Nvidia G-SYNC technology and a 144Hz refresh rate, combined with a 1ms refresh rate, make this an ideal choice for competitive gamers; these technologies should prevent screen tearing and improve image quality even when games are moving at high-speeds, something that can have big benefits for your gaming performance, as well as improving your viewing experience. The monitor comes equipped with DisplayPort technology for G-Sync and also features USB 3.0 ports for added connectivity.

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The downside to all this performance is the cost, the monitor will set you back $699/€699/£499, which is higher than some of the more affordable 4K displays that are currently available. The 272G5DYEB is already available for pre-order from most major retailers and will start shipping next month.

Thank you Phillips for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Phillips.

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