New Amazon Kindle expected September the 6th

/ 5 years ago

Speculation is rapidly growing about a new tablet from Amazon. Amazon has organised a press event arranged by its Kindle department to make an undisclosed announcement.

“There’s been a lot of rumours about another potential Kindle tablet,” said Pete Finalle, a tablet analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Amazon has ambitious plans to expand its mobile device portfolio. It is believed Amazon will introduce up to 5 or 6 tablet devices over the coming months. One of these is expected to be a 10 inch model too.

“The existing Kindle Fire is due for an update given Google’s new tablet,” Finalle said. “The hardware could use a refresh.”

Unfortunately for Amazon, Apple are due to hold a press event on September the 12th with the company expected to unveil its latest iPhone. An event that could overshadow Amazon’s new releases.

“It might be beneficial for Amazon to have more than one tablet device in their repertoire,” Finalle said. “Having a larger tablet that comes in at a lower price point than Apple’s iPad would be particularly beneficial.”

The Amazon event will be held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, the invitation said.


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