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New AMD Graphics Card is Listed in Latest Linux Update

AMD has certainly been talking about it for quite some time, as of yet, however, we have seen very little concrete news surrounding ‘Big Navi’. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, ‘Big Navi’ will essentially represent Team Reds attempt at matching Nvidia’s top-end GPU performance, and, as such, you can clearly see why there is such a lot of community interest behind it.

Following a new upcoming update to Linux, however, a yet unknown AMD GPU has been listed, and, of course, the speculation is already suggesting that this may be one of the first confirmed examples of ‘Big Navi’ being out in the wild.

AMD ‘Big Navi’

In a report via Videocardz, with a new GPU listed as “Sienna Cichlid” many believe that this is ‘Big Navi’. Specifically, because the codename used for it in the reference (GFX1030) has already been seen before in a prior leak associated with the Navi 21 GPU. As such, while it is something of a moderate stretch, many believe that Team Red’s new ‘top-end’ graphics card may be just around the corner.

When will it release though? Well, based on the release date of this Linux update, there may also be a clue to that as well!

Release Date?

With the leak coming through a new Linux update, it is known that the update is not due to make full circulation until around August this year. As such, many believe that with the driver listing in place, AMD may be preparing its launch around the same time.

This isn’t idle speculation either as we have already heard prior rumors that Team Red plans to launch both its latest desktop Ryzen 4000 processors and graphics cards at the same time and August does sound about right. Albeit, September (for us) sounds better. For now, though, it is just mostly speculation based on (essentially) a single line of code. With the news ever-mounting, however, it seems that sooner or later AMD is going to have to let ‘Big Navi’ loose!

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Mike Sanders

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