New Antec Products on Display at CeBIT 2015

/ 3 years ago


Antec have quickly shot to fame again recently with the launch of their stunning P380 chassis and it looks like they’re set to keep delivering great products throughout 2015! First up, we have their new P50 Window edition, which is the latest addition to the booming cube-style chassis market; it features room for two 240mm radiators.



The GX500 does look a little plastic heavy, but it’s well finished and has great ventilation that would make it a prime choice for a low-to-mid budget gaming build. What I really like about it, is the dual fan control switches on the top, which will help you tune your acoustic and cooling performance with ease.



The GX505 looks like a strong contender for our eTeknix Bang for Buck award, it’s packed full of features and promises to be very affordable once released.


This is easily one of my favourite chassis of CeBIT! it’s a standard mini-ITX style chassis, which will require the use of a low-profile cooler, but it’s still got room for an optical drive, plenty of storage, great front panel connectivity and most importantly of all, that incredible thick aluminium front panel; this could be a great solution for a HTPC.



The ISK 600M, for those who need a much more powerful HTPC/Steambox style system.



Last, but by no means least, the VSP 5000, which features a silent design and triple fan control switches on the top, giving you great flexibility over your systems air intake and outtake, as well as the noise levels of your system.


We’ve already arranged to have these new chassis in for review and will update you on release dates, prices and more as soon as we have the information.

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