New Apple Store in Hangzhou, China, Covered With Amazing Mural

/ 3 years ago

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Apple’s store openings aren’t always like your regular store openings. They tend to plaster the building in some zany pattern, often featuring something of local cultural significance.

Well that has certainly been the case for a new store in Hangzhou, China, where the company has wrapped the building in an incredible hand-painted mural. The mural in question was painted by Calligrapher Wang Dongling and features a 2000 year-old poem about Hangzhou.

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Apple really seems to be trying to secure its position in China, a country that is dominated by Android users with low-cost smartphones. Tim Cook has mentioned on occasion his desire to bolster the company’s position in the country, with its exceptionally large and tech-thirsty population.

Check out the video on Apple’s Chinese retail page.

Source: 9to5Mac

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