New ATM Skimmer Found in Europe Extremely Difficult to Detect

/ 3 years ago

Cybercriminals are becoming inventive in their methods to compromise companies and users, and that includes using skimmers at ATM machines and point-of-sale terminals.

The European ATM Security Team (EAST) recently noted the drastic rise of mini-skimming technology, stealing data after being located inside of card readers.  Traditional ATM skimmers are typically designed to sit on top of existing card slots, so they are easier to locate – but these miniaturized devices are especially problematic.

Specifically designed for NCR-made cash machines, it uses a skimmer paired with a small camera that records customer PIN numbers as entered.  It’s unknown what country was impacted, but ATM skimming is becoming a more common practice at banks throughout Europe.

Old skimmers are easier to find, but the new skimmers are miniaturized and can be found in the card reader throat.

Despite the use of chip & pin technology, supposedly harder cards to duplicate, ATM skimmers remain a significant problem throughout Europe.  The United States still hasn’t transitioned to chip & PIN yet, and financial institutions are being pressured to make changes to help better protect customers.

Security experts recommend ATM visitors cover the PIN pad when entering numbers on the keypad.

Thank you to Krebs on Security for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Krebs


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