New Block Security Feature Added To the LinkedIn Social Networking Website

/ 4 years ago


LinkedIn has finally added a feature which users wanted to see for a long time, namely blocking other LinkedIn users. The addition of this particular feature adds a new privacy control to the service, giving you complete control upon restricting access to your profile, direct interactions and network activity from other members who you don’t want snooping around.

While the blocking feature represents a simple tool to block spammers and other uninteresting messages which users receive monthly or even daily, it also adds more serious safety measures, such as the case of users who are victims of stalking or domestic violence. In addition to the blocking feature, LinkedIn also mentions some additional tools which can be very helpful in terms of security, such as tools to disconnect from existing connections, tools to control your activity broadcasts, as well as profile and photo visibility settings.

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It is stated that after a user is blocked, you won’t be able to access each other’s profiles, message each other, and if you had been connected before blocking, you won’t be anymore, along with removing any endorsements and recommendations from that member and neither user will ever be recommended to the other again in the “People You May Know” or “People also Viewed” sections of LinkedIn.

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