New Chip To Promise Internet 400 Times Faster Than Fiber?

/ 4 years ago

ADC Chip

For those people who have bad internet connections or suffer from bad download speeds and lag never fear because IBM researchers in Switzerland have unveiled their prototype for an energy-efficient analogue-to-digital converter that will be able to support connections as fast as 400 gigabits per second. For those thinking wow that’s fast here is a comparison, the new ADC or analogue-to-digital converter is 400 times faster than Google Fibre and roughly about 5000 times faster than your average connection.

This means at the speeds available to this new ADC you could download TV shows and movies in the blink of an eye, however just to show how quick speeds would be with this device you could download a full 4K ultra high-definition movies in under 60 seconds. Now that’s fast however the ADC chip wasn’t actually designed for your common internet needs. It is designed and on its way to the Square Kilometer Array in Australia and South Africa.

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What is the Square Kilometer Array? Well it is an international coordination designed to build the worlds largest radio telescope, with the goal of hopefully giving us an idea of what happened during the Big Bang and what events took place after. With the world largest radio telescope sending us all this data it will need a high-speed connection to receive this data and with expectations of over an exabyte a day, which is over 100 billion gigabytes this new chip will definitely come in handy.

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5 Responses to “New Chip To Promise Internet 400 Times Faster Than Fiber?”
  1. Vertigo101 says:

    Holly Shit 400 Gigabytes per second! that makes really excites me, I have a wimpy 2.5mbps DSL ;( I can’t get any thing faster

  2. Scase says:

    400gb/s with 20gb monthly caps hah

  3. Hans says:

    400gb/s?? Damn! That could take down the cable companies in a year or two if that was allowed to be used by the public so they could get onto the internet! We need more people willing to take on big companies with tech like this!

  4. Abdullah says:

    the fastest internet yet discovered was like 1.4Tbps. recently..

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