New Coolermaster Nepton Coolers Spotted at Computex 2014

/ 3 years ago


Computex 2014: When we stopped by the Cooler Master booth we were surprised to see what look like revised editions of their popular Neptop CPU coolers, there were no details on display, but a little birdie tells me that they’re in fact an as yet unannounced product that will be hitting the market very shortly. We loved the performance of the Neptons, but their pump was a little loud. A new pump design, thicker radiators and a few other little tweaks have been made and finger crossed they will have improved the performance even further from the last models.

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They’re certainly prototypes as the lettering on the side was falling off, as you can see with the “Nepto” logo on this one. This does mean that we don’t have information on pricing or release date, but we suspect that CM are very close to making an official announcement very soon, so stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.


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