New Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Brings a Massive Overhaul to the Police

Despite Cyberpunk 2077’s police being updated in update 2.0 the police still felt like they were missing a key ingredient when you were interacting with them, this made the open world feel a little hollow. Going on a long rampage with car chases, explosions and a little bit of genocide just didn’t have the same amusement and excitement about it you got in GTA… it just felt a bit boring.

Now Yorpies has created a new Mod that aims to build upon what CD Projekt Red did in update 2.0! Being chased by the police, there will be a variety of new police NPCs to chase you and some new vehicles for the police too, so that as your wanted level increases the police will ramp up their gear.

Some of the new NPCs will come after you depending on your location or wanted level like deputy sheriffs coming after you in the badlands or detectives/investigators coming after you in the districts.

Possibly my favourite addition to this mod is the immersion changes that depend on your location, such as the number of cops coming after you will depend on your location. So if you are in a poor district where the police department is underfunded and understaffed there will be fewer police chasing you and crimes will be easier to commit. This will also flip and richer districts will see more cops in better cars and crimes will be harder to commit with police chasing you down faster.

Now is the perfect time to go and play or replay Cyberpunk and the new DLC Phantom Liberty you can get the game here and the DLC here. You can find the mod here I would highly recommend it as it’s totally free and adds a much-needed addition to the game.

What Does the Cyberpunk 2077 Police Mod Bring?

New units will now appear to chase you during wanted levels. These include:
– Detectives will now spawn as part of the wanted level, the level they appear at depends on the district.
– Inspectors will now spawn as part of the wanted level, the level they appear at depends on the district.
– Sheriff deputies will be the first response out in the Badlands with Militech showing up once you start fighting back against them.
– The Border Patrol version of the Octant drone now spawns at 3 stars and up.
– Netwatch agents will give chase at 4 stars and up everywhere except in Pacifia and Dogtown.
– Minotaur mechs will give chase at 4 stars and up. There is a NCPD version for the city and a Militech version for outside of NCPD jurisdiction.
– The Wyvern drone can now occasionally spawn, wanted levels depend on jurisdiction and district. I did see them post-2.0 vanilla but extremely rare and never with the NCPD anymore.

New vehicles will now appear to chase you during wanted levels. These include:
– Villefort Cortes Black Agent: Unmarked version of the modern police car carrying detectives and at higher wanted levels inspectors. They start spawning at 1 – 4 stars depending on how affluent the district is.
– Thorton Merrimac MSP3 Dreadnought: NCPD SUV which starts chasing you at 2 stars and up. They can carry up to 4 cops unlike normal cruisers that only come in pairs and the cops are better equiped, often using Ajax assault rifles.
– Militech Behemoth NCPD: Used by elite NCPD SWAT at 4 and 5 stars. These vehicles can carry androids alongside the usual SWAT units.
– Villefort Cortes V6000 Sheriff Overlord: Sheriff variant of the modern police car, gives chase at 1-2 stars while out in the Badlands.
– Militech Behemoth: The camo variant is used by Militech at 4 and 5 stars out in the badlands. They can spawn with sniper units alongside the normal troops.
– Militech Hellhound: The regular variant is used by Militech at 4 and 5 stars out in the badlands. They can spawn with heavy gunners alongside the normal troops.
– Militech Behemoth Border Patrol: Used by SoCal Border Patrol at 4 and 5 stars near the border checkpoint. They often are occupied by sniper units.
– Chevillon Emperor 620 Ragnar Netwatch: Netwatch SUV used by Netwatch agents at 4 and 5 stars.
– Thorton Merrimac MSP3 Dreadnought MaxTac: Low chance to spawn at 5 stars, used by MaxTac.
– Militech Behemoth MaxTac: Low chance to spawn at 5 stars, used by MaxTac.
– Militech Hellhound MaxTac: Low chance to spawn at 5 stars, used by MaxTac.

Other new changes to improve the wanted level system further include:
– The Lexington pistol is the official sidearm of the NCPD. Yet ingame they use the Unity instead. This has been fixed, so expect to see police officers using the Lexington now instead.
– NCPD SWAT operators vanilla don’t use any automatic weapons for some reason, only shotguns. They now instead come equiped with Saratoga SMGs, Copperhead Assault rifles and Crusher shotguns. Snipers haven’t been touched.
– NCPD SWAT heavies are now properly marked with a skull similar to the gang variant of these units and have an increased health pool as such. They will now start spawning at 4 stars instead 3 stars and always come from the Hellhound.
– MaxTac has a low chance to spawn in ground vehicles now at 5 stars, alongside the usual AV spawns. This way, if you are duking it out with the police underneath overpasses or in a tunnel, they now actually show up unlike vanilla, where they wouldn’t spawn at all until you are in a spot with open sky again.
– Militech and Border Patrol troops have now been revised a bit, so you no longer get soldiers with skull icons appearing at 1 star already like vanilla. The escalation is now comparable to NCPD jurisdiction with better equiped troops appearing the higher your wanted level gets.
– The amount of cops walking the beat has been halved, as there was simply too many vanilla for a police department that is supposed to be underfunded and understaffed.
– NCPD response now varries more per district, with the newer police sedan being the main vehicle in high class neighborhoods while poor neighborhoods will mainly have the older cruiser.
– The amount of police spawning during wanted levels has been tweaked. Lower wanted levels have less cops with longer spawn delays to simulate a slow response to crimes in general, while higher wanted levels are slightly bumped up.
– The amount of time it takes to lose the cops has been increased a bit as vanilla was simply too short. It’s not a whole lot at lower wanted levels but if you go out of your way to piss of the police you will notice the difference at higher wanted levels. 30 seconds get added per wanted star.

James Cusworth

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