New GTA V screenshots show off new vehicles

/ 5 years ago

Rockstar Games have been really quiet about the next instalment of Grand Theft Auto. A trend which sucks for the fans – we’ve only had a chance to see the official trailer and a couple of screenshots. Now Rockstar games has given the millions of eager fans all over the world some more content to have a prod at.

The latest screenshots show how far Grand Theft Auto vehicles have come. The pictures give a view of how a Grand Theft Auto V sports car looks, the Cheetah, a shot of a standard bicycle and an in-flight view of a fighter jet that is to be included in GTA V.

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More images are going to appear this week, according to Rockstar, who promised that new details would be shared with fans soon enough.

Grand Theft Auto V has to be one of the most anticipated releases for the year ahead. Are you excited for the new Grand Theft Auto V? Or did the poor performance of Grand Theft Auto IV on PC kill the series for you? Let us know what you think.



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