New Halo 4 Enemies Leaked!

/ 6 years ago

A fantastic leak today, with the reveal of some of the enemies us lucky gamers can expect in the next instalment of the Halo franchise, Halo 4.

The people at McFarlane toys have outed the new enemies in the form of toys!  giving us our first look at some of the creatures and charectors we can expect to encounter in Master Cheifs next adventure, clearly on display are two unseen charaters called The Crawler and The Watcher, while full details are elusive a picture speaks a thousand words, so check out these stunning pictures below and start using your imagination.

The packaging also mentions a ‘secret enemy figure’ – ‘unlike anything before!’ but what that may be, who knows? we only have a few months till the game is released so I would expect a full blow out of details between now and then, people can’t keep their mouths shut for that long, this won’t be the last of the leaked info, of this I am certain.

The only confirmation we have of these being genuine is that a moderator on Halo Waypoint blocked the images, but if these were a hoax then someone has gone to far too much trouble, either way, they are cool and I am happy to believe they are real.

Source: DigitalGigolo

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