New LastPass Mac App Announced

/ 3 years ago


The people behind LastPass, the popular and free password generation software, have announced their new standalone Mac app. The app offers significantly more functionality than the browser version with a number of new features.

The app features a vault specifically for storing any sensitive information, from the usual passwords to credit cards and sensitive notes. It also comes with a feature called Securtity Check that allows users to check the strength of their passwords over time, allowing them to make sure whether each password is as strong as they can be.

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There’s also a feature called Quick Search allowing users to search through pretty much everything in their vault, including specific logins for specific sites.

“The LastPass Mac App functions as a vault that safeguards sensitive information. It allows our customers to have convenient local access to their data, saving them the distraction of recalling passwords or manually typing in their login details.”  LastPass CEO and Co-Founder, Joe Siegrist

The app will available soon from the Mac App Store.

Source: MacRumors

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