New Leaked Version of Windows 8.1, Launch Date September

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New leaks for Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system have been frequent in the past few weeks, and the latest leaked version of Windows shows us a Windows 8.1 Pro Preview version. Windows 8.1 is expected to bring the desktop and mobile worlds together meaning that secondary OS’ like Windows 8 RT will be scrapped in favour of a unified solution. Windows 8.1 represents the first major overhaul of Windows 8 since its incredibly disappointing release performance – sales of Windows 8 have been very low, and Dell have even blamed Microsoft for their declining financial situation that Windows 8 has apparently caused.


Windows 8.1 is now more than guaranteed to be Microsoft’s next operating system release and we can expect that it will be released in September according to industry sources. Previous launch rumours had suggested August but now September apparently seems more accurate for Microsoft’s launch plans.

June is still expected to bring the first beta launch of Windows 8.1 (Blue) as the Microsoft build developer conference takes place in June (26th to the 28th) in San Francisco (in the Moscone center). Microsoft is planning to release only a single testing build of Windows 8.1 so it can bring the final product to market faster. Sources suggest Microsoft is already half way there with the refresh as it has reached one of the two development stages.

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So it looks like everything is proceeding full steam ahead with the Windows 8.1 OS but one thing that does strike me is there is still no start bar. Since this was one of the main criticisms against Microsoft, for the desktop version of Windows 8, you would of thought they might be bringing it back due to popular “protest” as it were – evidently not.

What are your thoughts on a new Windows 8.1 OS coming by September?


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89 Responses to “New Leaked Version of Windows 8.1, Launch Date September”
  1. lom says:

    Widows classic shell, is open source and as much as I think metro is cool, the classic shell adds usability and funtionallity.

  2. win 8 in any version will crash and burn in a pc format

    • that’s complete bullshit

      • Oh? Please explain how a tablet and touch-phone based OS is going to do well in a pc market. Windows 8 is the new Windows ME, or vista.

        Edit: tl;dr I am upset with Microsoft for making an OS that my mom can’t Operate. Let’s just say as the only tech savvy guy in the family, I get a lot of calls from my mom.

        • Yngve Lin says:

          It’s not a tablet and touch-phone based OS. My grandma operates it fine on a keyboard and mouse. Learn to adapt to an obviously secure system.

          • jack frost says:

            No, it’s quite literally a tablet based OS. The fact that you can operate it at an inferior level without touch controls doesn’t mean it was designed with anything else in mind. Microsoft went all-in on tablets to piggyback the iPad, and they failed miserably.

          • Andrew says:

            Obviously secure? Suppose something is bullet proof if nobody can operate it. Good call!

          • hylogibbon says:

            Why go half-way then? If security is more important than function, why not just go with Linux?

        • GPS Guru says:

          I get a lot of calls from your mom too…

      • Chris P says:

        Actually, he is already in the works of being correct. Windows 8 sales is inferior to its predecessors.

    • d6bmg says:

      You can’t tell anything before the release or at least before any kind of leak..

  3. animas says:

    its a shame that linux still sucks year after year.
    PCs really need a completely new OS.

    • strider3700 says:

      I’m curious what still sucks about linux for you. I’ve been using it as my main OS for 3 or 4 years now with no major complaints. I definitely have more issues with Win 8 then ubuntu with the MATE desktop.

    • strider3700 says:

      I’m curious what still sucks about linux for you. I’ve been using it as my main OS for 3 or 4 years now with no major complaints. I definitely have more issues with Win 8 then ubuntu with the MATE desktop.

      • Preston Welch says:

        Most Linux distros lack polish and the ones that don’t have horrible user interfaces. I’ve never used a desktop I hated more than that current stuff shipping with Ubuntu. I usually recommend people use Linux Mint if they want to use Linux. I used to be a Linux power user but I eventually just got tired of mostly half-finished software, poorly written device drivers, and the fact that Gnome keeps getting shittier with each new version. I run a Gentoo server, but everything else in my house is running Windows these days.

      • Anubis says:

        Linux sucks for four reasons:

        1) I run several software such as Adobe Photoshop, SnagIt, BackBlaze, Corel VideoStudio Pro, and PowerArchiver on Windows. None of these software exist natively on Linux so I’m left with two choices: FOSS alternatives or WINE. Unfortunately, those two choices are lousy because a) the quality of FOSS alternatives are vastly inferior compared to commercial proprietary counterparts and b) WINE (a poor substitute for Windows native environment) severely diminishes the performance any software that I use.

        2) Linux has an abysmal gaming support. Everyone knows that.

        3) Linux is a lousy platform for HTPC (e.g. no Netflix and Blu-Ray support). That’s because Linux creators shot themselves in the foot by refusing to embrace DRM and HDCP which are prerequisite for playing any kind of protected media.

        4) Linux is notorious for poor hardware support. It is not compatible with my Canon printer, Linksys Wi-Fi adapter, Logitech Webcam, iPhone and Western Digital 1TB My Passport. You might be surprised that I mentioned WD My Passport considering this drive is supposed to work on Linux. Well, it does work on Linux, but guess what? This drive features built-in hardware encryption (a.k.a. self-encrypting drives or SED) and when the encryption is enabled, it becomes virtually unreadable on Linux. Windows and Mac OS X have no problems reading the encrypted drive. Not surprisingly, the WD technical support rep informed me that their SED products does not support Linux nor they have plans to support it anytime soon.

        The only saving grace of Linux is that it excels as an enterprise server, no question about it. But as a consumer-ready desktop? It’s a joke! And it shouldn’t be considered as credible replacement for Windows or even a Mac OSX.

    • Ugh Linux doesn’t suck though?

    • Ugh Linux doesn’t suck though?

    • hylogibbon says:

      The only rational explanation as to why you would say this is if you are a hardcore gamer, or professional audio/(3d)video designer. Other than those two things, Linux is better than Windows in every way.

      • Succesfultrollissuccesful says:

        Hurr durrrrrr, Steam works on Linux. Durp durp durp

        • Anubis says:

          Just because Steam works on Linux doesn’t mean we should expect to see Linux’s game selection to reach parity with Windows’s game selection. With the exception of Valve, big-name game publishers still have reservations about Linux for three reasons:

          1) Fragmentation in the Linux ecosystem
          2) Linux community’s fervent opposition to DRM
          3) And above all, Linux’s extremely low market share

      • Anubis says:

        You forgot to add two more: HTPC enthusiast and hardware users. And claiming that Linux is better than Windows in every way is absolutely nonsense. In my book, an OS is only as good as the software and hardware it runs on (see my detailed response to strider3700). Windows pass this test. Linux, on the other hand, does not. Even rational Linux advocates would agree (with great reluctance, I might add) with me on this.

    • d6bmg says:

      You don’ like any linux flavor, it’s your problem.You can’t say ‘linux sucks’ only because you can’t use it, Most of the guys related to education use linux, including me.
      P.S. You should try ubuntu. It;s great for starters.

  4. Give me back windows 7. I don’t want an update to 8.

    • What do you mean by “Give me back windows 7”, ???
      They did not take it away.

      • Actually, I’ve had a number of friends who are unable to downgrade to Windows 7 after purchasing Windows 8.

        • Preston Welch says:

          Just tell them to install Start8. I don’t see why anyone would want to go through the effort of actually downgrading when the only problem with Windows 8 can be so easily circumvented.

          • It’s not the only problem. It’s just the most visible. There’s also the fact that it boots to Metro, and that tons of apps try to open full screen. There are problems with resolution restrictions, which make it impossible to run certain apps on smaller monitors, among many other things. But the real problem is that Microsoft has based the entire UI off of paradigms that aren’t what people want or are used to.

          • Jeremy Cook says:

            Start8 bypasses metro, and ModernMix puts metro apps in a standard window.

        • UziMonkey says:

          I’m doing the same. Windows 8 breaks things, the metro apps suck, I spend all my time in desktop mode. I’m going back to Windows 7.

          • Under the hood, Windows 8 is more efficient and more functional than Windows 7. If things are broken it’s not the OS’s fault. If you spend all your time in desktop mode anyway (doubly so if you have Start8) then it sounds like you’re in the ideal state anyway.

            I haven’t experienced any brokenness in Windows 8 yet myself except for one third-party addon to a game I play which – lo and behold – was fixed with a huge update that contained a boatload of overdue functionality improvements

    • d6bmg says:

      You just have to keep using it.
      Ignore the updates. 😉

  5. thundercless says:

    I’m not buying Windows 8 until they put a Start menu and proper context menus back in it. Sorry Microsoft, learn from your mistakes.

    • Herr Derr learning new things is hard

      • exactly the only problem with 8 is people are stubborn and don’t wanna learn new shit. if you want a start bar use classic shell ffs.

        • DWorden says:

          I am happy to learn a new OS. That is why after using windows 8 for a week I bought my first Mac. Then my second.

          • Spagglesworth says:

            Bankruptcy is fun, right?

          • Thats why I switched to Ubuntu around the Windows 7 release date, never came back again to windows. Needed some time to learn, but was definitely worth it. My Grandma found it even easier to learn as first operating system because she basically just browses the internet. With Windows she got tons of notifications that she will read and have no clue what it means. (She also used windows for a short time)

            Mac is quite similar to linux in usability(Hardware compatibility is better, because they only have several models). It’s just that you get the same lock-in as Micrsoft, which I don’t like. And its super expensive haha, not my taste.

          • I’m so sorry. Talk about a downgrade.

        • DWorden says:

          I am happy to learn a new OS. That is why after using windows 8 for a week I bought my first Mac. Then my second.

        • Why learn something that is a fucking downgrade.

      • MythGavin says:

        Who said learning windows 8 is hard? It’s really not. It’s just much more of a hassle to be than it should. I want my OS to have as Optimal work flow as possible, is that too much to ask? Start bars don’t change everything, and we shouldn’t have to pay for that.

    • Preston Welch says:

      Just use Start8.

  6. GrammarNazi says:

    would HAVE though

  7. compguytracy says:

    Classic start for win 8 restores start button and boots in desktop side by default

  8. Matches Malone says:

    Why are the window borders so damn thick? Looks weird.

    • nascent says:

      It’s so it’s easier to touch with touchscreen. it doesn’t matter if you will use the os on a desktop with mouse and keyboard, they’re now catering only for tablets and touchscreen devices primarily. Which is also why there’s no aero transparency anymore.

  9. upinyoursalad says:

    I actually prefer the new start screen than how it was in previous versions… But then again I like to try things before I whine, so what do I know…

  10. Jerry Sun says:

    “…you would of thought.” Pretty painful to read this in a published article.

    “…still no start bar.” Does this mean the start menu? At first I thought you meant Windows 8.1 would not have a task bar.

  11. Doug M says:

    In one year, Most everyone will be saying Windows 8 is the best OS Microsoft has produced.

  12. Windows 8: When you absolutely, positively, want to drive every motherfucker in the room to OSX.

  13. Andrew says:

    still no start menu?

  14. Download Classic Shell, it is a start menu plus has the option to boot directly into your desktop. Windows 8 isn’t THAT bad after you install this. I actually like it more than windows 7. I like having my shortcuts on one screen, neatly arranged then having a clean desktop to look at.

  15. Nae Bodee says:

    Having tried Win8 I can honestly say with a few tweaks it’s almost exactly like Win7, give it a few months for driver support to catch up and I’ll probably delete my Win7 partition. Anyone at Dell with half a brain would realise Tablets are eating into the market, not the shitty Metro UI. Fuck, people are so retarded.

  16. No start button again? Looks like Micro$oft has dug in their heels and firmly planted their fingers in their ears while shouting, “la la la can’t hear you!”. Die already, Redmond.

    • I love the clever and original use of the dollar sign. Especially when you talk about Microsoft deliberately making UNpopular decisions that clearly won’t drive extremely heavy sales.

      But you’re right, they’re totally after money money money and nothing else.

  17. Jograt says:

    What are the NEW features?

  18. ThaVos says:

    Windows 8 takes some getting used to but i reckon its awesome. even installed it on the parents machine and they love it. the full screen programs office 365 easy login.

    • d6bmg says:

      Experience with win 8 is kind of mixed bag. Some say it’s great and some say it’s shit.
      Personally, as I’m tried to use win 8 in my desktop, I would go in the second group.

  19. Robert Hurst says:

    Until Win 8 has a start menu and ditches Metro I will not buy it.

  20. KenChan says:

    What I hope they decide to do is allow you to have the following options:
    1. Which inteface would you like to use? Metro or Desktop (with start button)

    2. Would you like to enable or disable metro apps since you chose Desktop?
    If they do that then I am happy to embrace windows 8.1
    Till then I say I will stick to windows 7

  21. Fufusda F says:

    Windows 8 is even worse then Ubuntu with Unity…

  22. Honestly the Start Screen wasn’t too bad in concept, I even organized my apps around it leveraging my organization scheme from MacOS. Even the Start Screen had advantages over the LaunchPad of MacOS.

    But it did have it’s quirks which got to me in the end, primarily the fact I Metro apps and normal desktop apps are on different Alt-Tab and Win-Tab rings. The corners pop up things when I don’t want. And since I tend to go to control panel to find stuff as often as I do files when I first got the system I hated having to change search contexts.

    I decided to get rid of it by putting in Windows Classic Shell

  23. ted says:

    After having used the per-release version then uninstalling it. Then the I tried the upgrade it was no better used a 3rd party win boot to bypass the abortion called Metro after trying to work it with new inter-phase I finally snapped and reverted to the Win 7 installation. It may be fractionally slower but it works without having all the eye candy which is the downfall of the O/S. If one looks at the decline of Windows as an operating environment. It is being replaced by an open sourced one. The powers that be at M/S just don’t know what to do to Piss their loyal customers off. With XP and Office 2003 being the stablest business environment and by withdrawing support for 50% of the commercial market which will drive them to another ego-system not to upgraded windows environment We users who live in the rural sector shudder to think of our data bills now with having to be always connected. This does not what part the world one lives in. A large number of programs and accounting software do no happily co exist with Win8

  24. ian says:

    windows 8 cud of been good os if Microsoft listened to what ppl want n not what Microsoft wants it to be I don’t see why thay do betas cuz thay never listen to the feedback thay get lets hope with windows 8.1 Microsoft LISTENS to testers and ppl this time cuz if thay don’t there end up digging them self a hole that thay will never get out of then it will be bye bye Microsoft

  25. Ken Altman says:

    I think it would be a big mistake to not offer users the option of enabling a Start menu bar integrated with the desktop on the next release (Windows Blue, 8.1). My customers have made it clear that they don’t want Windows 8 if there is no Start menu bar. The Metro UI is better suited for touchscreen environments. Businesses are not embracing Windows 8 and residential customers are avoiding new PC purchases because they aren’t embracing the Metro UI and have trouble completing basic tasks and launching programs without the Start menu bar. Dell has identified the problem and responded appropriately by bundling Windows 7 – particularly on business class PCs to address the slump in PC sales. Another concern is that IE 10 has presented compatibility problems; issues with MS SQL report printing from IE browser and GMAIL and FACEBOOK hanging in some instances (IE 10 and Windows 7). So, until Microsoft addresses these compatibility and usability concerns, it won’t matter what new features they introduce in Windows 8.1. At the most basic level, Microsoft needs to release a product which shows that they are listening to customer feedback. This is true of any business and Microsoft is no different, no matter how much market share they currently have. I applaud the effort to introduce an innovate design and new UI, but the bottom line with customers is not window dressing, but usability and compatibility.

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