New Mass Effect 3 Powers and Combat shown

/ 6 years ago

In a video posted on Bioware’s Youtube channel, a lot of new combat features and mechanics have been revealed about the up and coming Mass Effect 3.

In Mass Effect 3, classes will each have a unique power, as well as improved versions of powers seen in Mass Effect 2.

BioWare offered a look at returning Vanguard ability Charge, which makes Shepard burst forward in a blurry blue bubble and crash into a desired, far-off enemy.

The Vanguard also has a new Nova ability that sees Shepard leap up then slam his/her fist into the ground, sending out a close-range shockwave that crashes into surrounding enemies. However, it uses all your power to use Nova, making it a high risk, high reward ability.

A first glimpse of Nova was shown during a new episode of BioWare Pulse. Gameplay designer Eric Fagnan and combat designer Corey Gaspur narrated. Check out the video below:


Source: Eurogamer


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