New MSI GTX 970 Gaming LITE Coming Soon

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MSI have landed a big hit with their GTX 970 GAMING graphics card and it is selling like crazy. It isn’t a surprise that the card is so popular, being the cheapest fully custom GTX 970 on the market at the moment. Even though it is the cheapest of its kind, it might still be a little bit to expensive for some people out there. Since no one should be left out in the cold, MSI are preparing a LITE version of the card; this is simply a slower version of the same card, that of course will be cheaper; otherwise it will be the just the same card. The exact specifications of the new card are still unknown, but the speeds are expected to be close to those of the reference design. The price for the new card should be somewhere between $330 to $340 when it hits the retail stores.

The MSI 900 series GAMING cards are equipped with the Twin Frozr V cooler that offer a hybrid passive mode. The fans are stopped entirely while the load and temperatures are low and they’ll kick in as soon as the card starts getting to hot. MSI aren’t the only company that use such technology, but they were actually one of the first.

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It isn’t hard to see why these cards are so popular when considering the performance, the custom design, the cooler and the price-tag,  Everything seems to match perfectly, but if you’d still like a card that’s a little bit cheaper, MSI will have that covered soon.

It should be noted that there currently are some trouble with the cooler and the second fan. There are reports that it won’t go back into standby mode after being activated. MSI are working on a firmware fix that should be released in about a week.

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One Response to “New MSI GTX 970 Gaming LITE Coming Soon”
  1. I will get the G1 even though its doesn’t have the 0 decibel feature……which i wish it did
    The only reason i am not looking at the msi is becasue of no backplate while the competitors are offering it….

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