New Nintendo 64 browser emulator released

/ 5 years ago

If you’re one of those really old people that used to play Nintendo 64 and still have an interest in doing so then you may be in luck. Paul Holden has developed a new Nintendo 64 emulator which runs from JavaScript in either Chrome or Firefox Nightly. It works with a small number of titles including Super Mario 64 and you are expected to source your own ROMs for the app.


As the above video shows the game is currently very buggy and slow – and it seems likely that is due to a software issue not a problem with hardware. Lets face it, even today’s most basic computers will be able to run a 1994 game with ease.

Neowin points out that you might recognize Holden’s name if you follow the emulation scene. He was the original developer of Daedalus, a multi-platform emulator that eventually morphed into an open-source N64 emulator for Windows and the Sony PSP following his departure with the project.



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