New Pew Survey Shows Only 7% of Americans Depend on Their Phone for Internet Access

/ 3 years ago


Pew Research Center conducted a survey and estimates that only 7% of Americans depend solely on their mobile device for internet service while having no viable alternatives. Additionally, almost 10% have a smartphone with no home broadband connection, and 15% have a very limited number of options beyond their smartphones.

A lot of this is because of economic necessity as about 13% of Americans making less than $30,000 per year rely almost exclusively on their smartphones. In contrast, only 1% of people making $75,000 or more do the same.  The odds of these groups hitting their data cap is also very different. Users in the lower salary bracket are at 51% and the higher salary cap are at 35%. Also noted is that the users in the lower bracket are twice as likely to cancel or freeze service due to a budget problems , being 48% to 21%.

Source: Engadget

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