New Photos and Video of Running iPhone6 with iOS8

/ 3 years ago


Once again we see more leaks ahead of the upcoming Apple iPhone6 launch, and this time with the device turned on. Microblogger Rui remember shared this new set of photos on his blog and gave cnbeta first exclusive on the last one.


It’s the 64GB model pictured here and the boot screen ins’t the same on both devices, and it isn’t known whether it’s two different versions at the moment.


We clearly see the design and size differences here, though subtle. It’s larger and more curved, while the buttons are inserted rather then sticking out.

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There wasn’t any problem logging into the iTunes store, so Apple hasn’t posed any restriction on the version number prior to release.


The new phone should run the updated iOS system version 8.0, and it sure looks that way from the new icons on the picture.


A shot of the rear side of the new iPhone6


Sadly I could not embed this video, and it’s short. But it’s there and you can all watch it here.

Thank you cnbeta for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of cnbeta.

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2 Responses to “New Photos and Video of Running iPhone6 with iOS8”
  1. Enn says:

    Eh, that’s one ugly phone, I must tell..

  2. johnstephen1 says:

    very much exited for its release, it will be an amazing phone by apple for sure.
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