New Quantum Rush Video Shows Off Racer Visual Customisation Options

/ 4 years ago


Today, the GameArt Studio team has released a new video for the fans and beta testers of the online future racer that is currently in closed beta. The team’s lead developer explains what options players will have to pimp their racers. The functionality for visually customising racers is at a very early stage of development – after all, Quantum Rush is still in closed beta – but the team wants to show its fans what they are working on and what they have planned.


In the video, you see a customisation feature that will soon make it into the closed beta: racer skins. Players will be able to choose between a variety of different skins, and, on some of these skins, it will be possible to adjust the colours. They also point out that more and more skins will become available over time.


Apart from racer skins, the team currently plans the following additional customisation options: players will be able to replace their racer’s standard cockpit with a cockpit in their favourite colour, there will be numerous decals to choose from and they will even introduce a variety of underbody lights. Taking all these options into account, there will be hundreds of possible configurations for each racer’s visual appearance.

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It seems that Quantum Rush will not only offer a lot of racing action but also a colourful diversity. We can’t wait to see the final product later this year as the game looks set to fill the void that a lack of new Wipeout games has left in my life, blending everything games like Wipeout and the classic Star Wars: Episode One Racer have to offer into one neat and up to date package.

Thank you Quantum-Rush for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Quantum-Rush.

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