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New RDR2 PC Patch Fixes Masses of Bugs!

It’s been around 6 months now since the PC version of RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2) came out, but in terms of launches, I think it ultimately left me more scarred than John Marston. What was the problem I hear you ask? Oh, nothing much. Just the fact that I couldn’t actually get the game to work for the first three weeks because Rockstar Games completely cocked up the PC version of it!

On the plus side though, since then, things have (slowly but surely) gotten better. In a report via DSOGaming, however, if a few bugs and glitches are still bothering you, then the good news is that a fresh patch may have likely fixed some of the worst remaining culprits!

RDR2 Update – Fixes!

This is quite a substantial update and, as such, I’m not going to bother hyperbolizing over the details. I will, instead, post all of the update notes below so you can see for yourself what has been fixed!

  • Improved texture rendering at the Medium and High-quality settings. The game will now show a higher level of texture detail without impacting framerate or requiring more system resources
  • Increased the maximum range of the TAA Sharpening graphics setting. Players can now make the game appear less blurry and match the quality available with external driver solutions
  • Fixed an issue that caused some system configurations to misreport the amount of free video memory available for the game to use
  • Fixed caching issues that caused graphical issues and missing UI that occurred after upgrading a system’s graphics card
  • Also fixed a rendering issue with shimmering/flickering textures near campfires when Parallax Occlusion Mapping was set to Ultra quality
  • Fixed a lighting issue that caused blocky shadow textures around the player. These textures could occur on some systems while Parallax Occlusion Mapping was set to Ultra quality
  • Fixed an issue that prevented cloud transition screens from displaying on death/respawn when the system is low on video memory
  • Also fixed an issue with occlusion checks that could occur when running with DirectX 12, which prevented progress on some Story Mode missions
  • Fixed a lighting issue that caused graphical artifacts to appear around distant trees on some system configurations while MSAA was active
  • Fixed a lighting issue that caused flickering snow particle effects on some system configurations with multiple graphics cards
  • Also fixed a water rendering issue that caused flickering when running with DirectX 12 and having the Water Reflection / Refraction Quality levels set to Low
  • Fixed a water rendering issue that caused incorrect wave simulation on some system configurations using multiple graphics cards
  • Fixed an issue with hardware auto-detection that caused some system configurations to incorrectly default to low-quality graphical settings on first boot
  • Also fixed an issue that caused an incorrect “Minimum Hardware Requirements not met” error on launch. This issue appeared on some older system configurations that did meet the required specification
  • Fixed several crashes that may have occurred when launching the game on certain hardware configurations
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during gameplay when running out of system memory, resulting in an ERR_GFX_STATE error
  • Also fixed several crashes that could occur when switching between graphics APIs and display modes on some system configurations
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when significantly increasing graphics settings, causing the system to run out of video memory
  • Fixed several crashes and performance issues when using Intel NUC systems or when using integrated graphics hardware
  • Also fixed several random crashes that occurred during gameplay in Story Mode and Red Dead Online

What Do We Think?

With this patch, fortunately most of RDR2’s biggest issues have now been fixed. So if you’re one of the fortunately ones who haven’t purchased this game yet (unlike us unhappy ‘beta’ testers) now looks like an excellent time to hop yourself into the PC version.

That being said, with RDR2 currently costing around £54.99 from the mainstream suppliers, you might want to wait until that next sale hits! Is it just me, or is that ridiculously expensive?…

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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