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New Regulations Require Electric Cars to Make A Noise

Electric Cars

if the statistics seem to prove anything, it’s that electric cars are definitely going to be a significant part of the future of motoring. With ownership figures increasing year on year, there are quite frankly more now on the roads than ever before. That isn’t, however, to say that the electric transition has been going entirely perfectly.

One of the biggest criticisms of electric cars is if countries have enough of an infrastructure to cope with the growth. Another far more practical one, however, comes down to safety. Namely, that an electric car generally doesn’t make any noise which, for pedestrians, can lead to some rather unpleasant surprises.

In a report via The Verge, however, a new EU regulation will now require all electric vehicles to simulate a noise if below a certain speed.

Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems

The new regulations will require any new model electric vehicles (as of today) to have an AVAS system (Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems). What does this mean? Well, put simply if the vehicle is travelling below 12mph it will be required to make a noise. In addition, the vehicles will also be required to have a ‘reverse’ warning.

This restriction will not necessarily be ‘backdated’ to older electric car models. Any still in production by 2021, however, will be required to have an AVAS system in place.

What Do We Think?

Although I’ve never personally had any ‘close shaves’ with an electric car, I have seen more than enough to know that it is a very real danger with them. When you see one driving practically silently, you appreciate just how easily you could get hit by one. Particularly without ever hearing its approach.

I daresay that the electric car industry would prefer to avoid any ‘stealth assassin’ tags. So, therefore, I think on the whole the regulations do make a lot of sense. It is, after all, there to keep us safe!

What do you think? Are you a fan of electric cars? Do you think noise is a problem? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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