New Report Says Google Glass Is Vulnerable To WiFi Hijacking

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According to Symantec there is a major flaw with Google Glass and we all know that a flaw in glass means something is going to shatter sooner or later. Yet Symantec have found a potentially dangerous and simple way of attacking a Glass device and it’s pretty much the same technique that was found capable of wiping out an Android based smart phone, QR codes.

By taking a picture of a QR code, which is something many of us do without second thought, the device could be silently connected to a malicious WiFi access point, which from that point on leaves you with a compromised device and its all potentially down hill from there.

Once on an access point your attacker can monitor all your traffic, redirect you to malicious websites, or maybe worse! So what is being done about this? Everything actually, Google has leapt up and fixed the problem, but it just goes to show that as popular as the device is becoming, it’s far from perfect and there will be people out there looking for new ways to manipulate the device.

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There is still a risk of these kind of attacks unfortunately, but this is true of any WiFi capable device you own and fake networks, unmonitored open networks and other false sources are out there to lure you in and need to use a little care, but in some cases it’s impossible to know if a network is safe.

Thankfully Google is taking steps to secure their Glass device and its great to see development continuing to push forward for the device, but online security, especially on public WiFi will always be a dice roll for many end users.

Thank you Xbitlabs for providing us with this information.

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  1. Wayne says:

    What a ridiculous device…

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