New Resident Evil 6 Details

/ 6 years ago

The publisher says that the third playable character is a mercenary, and that his sections of the game will be set during a bloody conflict in Eastern Europe, where infected mutants run wild. Meanwhile, Chris’s part of the narrative will take place in the fictional Chinese village of Lanshiang, where he is apparently recovering from a “personal trauma.”

Capcom also said that Leon’s new partner is Helena Harper, a government agent tasked with protecting the President.

A new mutation of zombie, known as J’avo, has also been detailed. Described as “incredibly aggressive,” the new monster will be able to regenerate. If it sustains serious damage, it is able to mutate the damaged limb into “a number of varied forms,” forcing the player to rethink their approach.

A revised control system has also been confirmed by Capcom. Players will now be able to shoot while moving, as well as take cover, slide to cover, and roll. Melee will also be significantly expanded upon.  Gears of War with zombies then, just like I predicted!

It’s also been announced that the game takes place in 2013, a full 15 years after the events in the original Resident Evil.

I can’t wait for this game, I’m on of the fortunate few that actually enjoyed RE5.

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Source: IGN

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