Samsung Unveil 850 PRO SSD Series Featuring New 3D V-NAND

/ 4 years ago

Samsung look set to continue their growing popularity in the SSD market with the launch of a new SSD series: the 850 Pro series. The 850 Pro SSDs make use of a new 3D V-NAND technology which they claim pushes SATA III SSD performance to its very limits offering 550MB/s read and 520MB/s write as well as 100K random read IOPS and 90K random write IOPS. Samsung claims their new 3D V-NAND (vertical NAND) overcomes the traditional density barrier in NAND chips by moving to a vertical cell structure instead of the traditional planar structure. This apparently brings speed, endurance and energy efficiency benefits to the SSD. Samsung will offer the 850 Pro series in 128, 256, 512 and 1TB storage capacities. Pricing is yet to be revealed but giving Samsung’s history expect the drives to be very competitive and popular among enthusiasts and professional users.

“With the new 850 PRO V-NAND SSD, Samsung is introducing the next major evolution of SSD technology, taking the lead in delivering high-density SSDs with outstanding endurance, performance and energy efficiency,” said Unsoo Kim, senior vice president of branded product marketing team at Samsung Electronics. “We are fully committed to establishing an innovative computing environment by providing customers with leading-edge V-NAND SSDs with unrivaled performance.”

Source: Samsung PR, Via: TechPowerUp

Images courtesy of Samsung

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