New Samsung App Aims to Help Autistic Children With Social Interaction

/ 3 years ago

samsung autism

Samsung has developed an app to help children with autism to improve their social interaction. People with the neurodevelopmental disorder autism struggle to engage socially as they have trouble with eye contact and reading verbal and non-verbal cues.

Look At Me, the app developed by Samsung in partnership with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and Yonsei University’s department of psychology, contains a series of games, tests, and challenges aimed at improving autistic children’s eye contact. In a Samsung poll, 60% of children who used the app over an eight-week period showed improvement, according to their parents.

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Autism Speaks Canada, a support service for people on the autistic spectrum, has partnered with Samsung Canada to offer 200 Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets, preloaded with Look At Me, to families with autistic children.

Look At Me is available for free on Google Play now.

Source: Mashable

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