New Samsung XS1715 Enterprise SSD Offers 3000mb/s & 740,000 IOPS!

/ 4 years ago


The SSD market just goes from one innovation to another and now Samsung are taking the front line once again with the announcement of their latest hardware, the XS1715 enterprise SSD. This will be the first SSD that features the NVM Express AKA NVMe PCIe interface, which will allow for sequential read speeds of 3000 MB/s and 740,000 IOPS… oh my!

Yet what is the point in incredible read speeds if you haven’t got a huge amount of data to be read? So the XS1715 range will offer up 400GB, 800GB and 1.6TB offerings and it’s that last, juggernaut of a drive that will offer up the maximum performance level of 3000 MB/s sequential reads and 740,000 IOPS, which is a whopping 10x more than current high-end solutions, with sequential reads that are 6x the current best! This is quite literally a hammer blow in terms of performance improvements. Not only do you get high-end performance and incredible levels of storage (for an SSD), but you also get low power consumption thanks to the new NVMe interface.

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Samsung are not done making our jaws drop just yet either as they plan to develop high performance drives using the NVMe format, of course there are no details on price but you can bet that the best in class will not be cheap.

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2 Responses to “New Samsung XS1715 Enterprise SSD Offers 3000mb/s & 740,000 IOPS!”
  1. d6bmg says:

    Well, here comes the real future of storage!!

    • Wayne says:

      Maybe for a bit of local storage but the real future of storage is cloud storage my friend, especially since the NSA & their ilk ‘safeguards’ it for you at no extra cost. What’ll happen in the distant future with storage, your guess is as good as mine.

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