New SandyBridge processors planned to be released later this month

/ 7 years ago

Intel has several new SandyBridge launches prepared for this month. There is a range of Pentium processors based on the new architecture to be released, of which include:

  • Intel Pentium G850 Dual Core 2.9GHz 3MB Cache $86
  • Intel Pentium G840 Dual Core 2.8GHz 3MB Cache $75
  • Intel Pentium G620 Dual Core 2.6GHz 3MB Cache $65

These models are not overclock-able and do not have turbo mode built into them, neither do they have hyper threading; they simply have 2 Cores and 2 threads. The official release date for the above processors is May the 22nd.

In addition to those, other models are predicted to be released soon but no details on pricing and specifications are known just yet. Those models are expected to be the:

  • Intel Core i5 2405S
  • Intel Core i3 2105
  • Intel Core i3 2102
  • Intel Pentium G622
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2 Responses to “New SandyBridge processors planned to be released later this month”
  1. lucas4 says:

    good prices.i can see them being great for lower performing PC's that need future proofing.

  2. omegadoom13 says:

    decent prices for the budget minded consumer.

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