New SCUF Animal controller coming soon

/ 5 years ago

Scuf Gaming have just released the “SCUF Animal”. Why have 2 paddles when you can have 4? This allows advanced players to maximize their control without ever needing to remove their thumb from the stick. Available in a choice of 8 colours; Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Charcoal Grey and Pink, the SCUF Animal comes with a launch promotion of a “claw eye” embossed on each front handle, however there is still an option to have this on both handles, only the left handle or not at all. Each controller is coated in a protective Remington finish and has the unique animal design added onto the front! The SCUF Animal is available only in wired configuration. Matching D-Pad color is available and matching paddle colors are included. Best of all this controller is MLG, EGL, WGL legal for use in Competitions!

After a preview at EGL8 in Manchester, Scuf Gaming are delighted to formally release the NEW “SCUF Animal” which features 4 PADDLES! Available as a Wired Controller for Xbox users, the SCUF Animal is recommended for advanced gamers and is MLG and EGL legal (amongst other Competitive Leagues). We wanted to further increase the ability for Pro and Elite Gamers to demonstrate more dexterity in the lead up to BO2 and Halo4. Having fully tested this product over the last 6+ months, we know it is a great tool and the natural evolution for existing SCUF users. 4 paddles is just an option and we will of course still be providing SCUF controllers with 2 paddles as standard. In addition to Shooter Games, we also found that the SCUF Animal becomes a very attractive offering for Fighting and Sports Games…

One of the drivers behind the SCUF Animal was to create a controller that offered a greater ability for gamers to demonstrate their skill and dexterity in multi function games by not having to move their thumbs off the Thumb sticks. We expect the increased hand use to enable a more exciting playing and viewing experience, which can only be a good thing for a declining Console market. Our desire is to keep innovating the controller to support Console Gaming and compete with PC Gaming on a level playing field by enabling Console Gamers the ability to use the FULL HAND. We believe this will offer gamers the choice to use more of their hand and demonstrate more hand co-ordination than is traditionally offered with 2 fingers and 2 thumbs.

Source: PR

We reviewed one of the original Scuf controllers here at eTeknix a few months back, why not check out our review of the Scuf Elite here.

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