New Siemens Hearing Aid Allows Audio “Zoom In” Via Smartphone

/ 3 years ago

siemens hearing aid

Siemens has unveiled a new smart hearing aid that connects to a smartphone or tablet app that can be used to focus on audio directionally, and even “zoom in” on sounds. The app controls functions like volume, bass, and treble, with the user able to create their own presets.


The hearing aid kit also includes an easyTek: a puck-shaped device, worn around the neck, that serves as a media hub. Combining the smartphone app and easyTek, users can direct and focus the hearing aid’s microphones to concentrate on a specific area, which is especially useful in a busy or noisy environment.

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More information regarding the hearing aid and easyTek is due to be released by Siemens at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Source: The Verge


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