New SNES game to be released next year

/ 6 years ago

If you ever needed proof that you can never keep a good console down, here it is: Super Fighter Team, a small developer and publisher based in California, will be releasing new game Nightmare Busters for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System next year.

Yes, that’s a new title for a system released 22 years ago, and the first new game released for SNES since 1998.According to the game’s official site, Nightmare Busters is a “masterful run and gun game.” There’s nothing more beyond that description, but Super Fighter Team expects to release more details shortly.

Due to pricey production costs the game will set North American customers back $68 and international ones $75. The initial run of Nightmare Busters is limited to 600 copies. It’ll be region-free, so if you’re up for a spending a little quality time with your SNES you can pre-order it now.

Source: Eurogamer

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