New Thinner PlayStation 3 on the way

/ 5 years ago

A previous PlayStation 3 slim down that occurred in 2009

Even with the next generation of Xbox and PlayStation consoles on the horizon it seems Sony still wants to fully milk the PlayStation 3 for all its commercial value. Sony has a long history of redesigning consoles and releasing new models as better technology allows for cheaper and more efficient production. They did this with the PlayStation 2, releasing a cheaper and more compact version towards the end of its lifespan. Now they appear to be doing the same thing with the PlayStation 3.

A Japanese site has reported that Sony has filed with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for a new product. Although no specific dimensions and product descriptions are featured, it is expected to be a new thinner version of the PlayStation 3. The model numbers listed in the paperwork are in the CECH-4000 range, as opposed to the current models, numbered CECH-3000.

The pictures included with the filing don’t give any indication of size or capabilities, but there have been rumors of a thinner console on the horizon. This filing may indicate that those rumors were true. We hope to hear something from Sony in the near future about the release of a new console, so watch this space.

Only time will tell whether this means that the PlayStation4 is still a significant way off.


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