New Tomorrowland Teaser Brings Back Memories

/ 3 years ago

Tomorrowland 1969

The brand new teaser for the Tomorrowland movie is sure to stir up some old memories and emotions if you grew up watching the Disney Channel or classic Disney programming. The short video features George Clooney and some of the people behind the movie discussing the history of Tomorrowland, the classic Disney attraction.

The quick exploration of the history behind Tomorrowland and Walt Disney’s visions of the future give a quick foundation on what the new movie is being based on. There is no doubt that the attraction is a great basis for a movie as it is part of the childhoods of many generations of kids and adults who have visited the attraction or watched Disney programming. The glimpses of what the visions of the future were back in the 1955 when the attraction first opened at Disneyland. There are now five different Tomorrowland attractions at Disney Parks around the world, with a sixth being built at Shanghai Disneyland Park.

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Having grown up watching classic Disney programming on the Disney Channel in the late ’80s and early ’90s it stirs up a lot of great memories. It is surprising that I am looking forward to a PG-rated movie, but I am sure there are many adults doing the same. They even will be using their children as an excuse to go see the movie, an excuse that I can’t use unfortunately.

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