New Trend of Cuddling Graphics Cards for Charity

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Jason Evangelho of Forbes started a new trend on twitter by posting a picture of himself cuddling with the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X. Soon after he issued a challenge to another twitter user to do the same and to cuddle with a graphics card. The trend continued where it reached AMD’s Roy Taylor who decided to donate $2 for every photo of this trend posted on twitter.

Unaware to anybody that this trend would soon become and actual thing that people do on twitter; the hashtag  “#GuysCuddlingWithVideoCards” is now trending on twitter. What started out as a silly challenge; has the potential to turn into a world wide phenomenon and it all benefits charity.

Jason Evangelho received a $10.00 donation in support of this movement.

Both Nvidia and AMD fans have jumped onto the bandwagon and the number of tweets is increasing by the minute. If you want to clear out Roy Taylors wallet all you’ve gotta do is post a photo of yourself cuddling your own graphics card(s).

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All the donations are going towards the @ExtraLife4Kids charity. You can visit the Extra life website by clicking this link! Manufacturers, enthusiasts and general users coming together for a good cause is always a great thing even if the trend is a tad strange.

Thank you WCCFtech for the information

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