New Update to Google Chrome features Built-in Password Generator

/ 3 years ago


Do you hear that? That’s the sound of account security just getting better across the web. Google looks to be tackling the big password generators like Dashlane, LastPass and 1Password in their latest version of Google Chrome. The new Chrome Canary build see’s the company including an extremely useful password generator into the mix.

If you’ve ever been interested in having all of your user accounts strengthened in protection – Google’s going to be making it as easy as possible and completely free for anyone to use. Hopefully, we’ll see a sweeping trend for improved security measures across all browsers in the near future. As with anything we log into on the web, user security should come first – and it’s an impressive step in the right direction for browsers.

Google’s Francious Beaufort wrote today on Google+ that when users click onto a password field the password generator overlay will appear that highlights the use of using “a strong and pronounceable password that will be saved in your chrome passwords.” What hasn’t been announced just yet is whether or not this will become a permanent feature of the browser – but for the time being you can always download the latest Chrome Canary build available here and test it out for yourself.

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