New USB Type-C Connector and USB 3.1 Tested

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Four weeks ago we told you all about USB’s plans to release their new C-Type connector which will see USB speeds increased thanks to USB 3.1, along with the ability to reverse the plug. We’re sure most of you are aware of the saying “50% chance to get it right, get it wrong 100% of the time” when it comes to the current USB design – thankfully this has been addressed with the upcoming model.

AnandTech got a look at this new technology first hand and the results seem impressive.

As for USB 3.1, tests have shown a peak transfer speed of 5-10 Gpbs, meaning a transfer total of 1.25 GB/sec. This is compared to claimed transfer speeds of approximately 600 MB/sec for USB 3.0 and 60 MB/sec for the older 2.0 variant.

anandtech usb type c

Thanks to the new design, this technology also allows for power transfer to take place in both directions through the cable. This means that you can both draw and submit power through the one port, which was not possible with the older models. It’s also been claimed to support a PCI-E data signal through the connection, to use in cases such as a two in one convertible tablet. As seen above, there are many daisy chain applications that can be served off just one connection.

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What does this mean for real-world applications? It enhances things such as laptop docking systems – enabling them to utilize fewer connectors to do the same tasks, like charging and monitor display. Also thanks to the two-way power feature, you could see the monitor display also turn into a USB hub for your peripherals.

All of this sounds like some kind of magical device from the future, and it is! The USB International federation hinted a release date, claiming: “this standard will show up in products shipping in 2015”.

Cover courtesy of the USB 3.0 Promoter Group

Inset image courtesy of AnandTech

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