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New Virtual Reality Gear Surfaces in Europe

For the virtual reality fans out there Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus are the most well-known VR projects considered and eagerly awaited, but there are a couple of flaws to be considered when looking into this. First is the price, where Oculus Rift development kit would cost around $350, as much as a decent graphics card on the market. And the second, as any graphics card, it will end up being obsolete at a certain point, where another version of it needs to be bought in order to keep up with games and features.

However, an alternative just surfaced in Europe, and it looks quite promising too. The VR gadget’s name is Virzzmo and it has been the idea of Future Reality Games’ CEO, Dariusz Żołna. The gadget is currently used with handsets having a screen size of 4.7-inches or larger, and compared to Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, it will not become obsolete. By changing the handset, it automatically change the gadget’s specs as well.

The principle of this gadget works by separating the handset’s display into two distinct sections, one for the left eye and one for the right. Along with the specially designed lenses, the gadget works out the stereoscopic 3D image which you can see while looking at the screen through it. In addition to the latter, Virzzmo presents a gyroscope inside which tracks head movement, making it the best multimedia gadget for your handset of all times.

In terms of pricing, the gadget is said to be really cheap, having been said to cost no more than €50. However, development kits are said to be released somewhere in June, therefore a customer release date is not known at this point. Also, the main question to be asked here is whether or not developers will take an interest in this project.

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