New Water Purifier Promises Truly “Vegetarian Water”

/ 3 years ago


You aren’t a vegetarian until you drink vegetarian water….wait, what? That’s the claim of one Indian home appliance company who’s claim to fame is producing “vegetarian water”. Apparently water isn’t vegetarian until a water purifier removes “chemically killed micro-organisms” that make the water “effectively non-vegetarian”. The state of the art Swiss-made multi-stage ultrafiltration technology” apparently removes 99.99% of just about anything that exists in water, other than water of course. I’m not sure about you but last time I checked water was a vegetarian option irrespective of whether it has been filtered or not. The irony has to be in the title; this really is “an advertising gimmick”. I would say “only in America” but the advert and product made by this company is being circulated in India.

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  • mr2k9

    whats next? vegetarian air con? vegetarian vehicle?