New Website Lets You Browse Einstein’s Papers Free

/ 3 years ago

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Digital Einstein is a new website that opens up all of Einstein’s papers for free. The site includes not only scientific papers, but personal letters, memos and even divorce papers.

The New York Times reports that all of the documents are personal papers either sent or received by Albert Einstein himself and form part of Caltech’s Einstein Papers Project. The 5000 items that are online come from the 13 volumes that have been archived, with 7 more to come.

“[Visitors] can dance among Einstein’s love letters, his divorce file, his high school transcript, the notebook in which he worked out his general theory of relativity and letters to his lifelong best friend, Michele Besso, among many other possibilities.”

All of the articles written in German (most of them) have been carefully translated to English and the site offers both versions to visitors.

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Source The New York Times

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