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Windows 10 Bug Found to Cause Slow Down & Even Hard Crashes!

I think it would be fair to say that while most people have (grudgingly or not) updated to Windows 10, the operating system does have something of a deservedly poor reputation when it comes to updates. Put simply, every time a major revision for the OS has been released, at least some users have reported new problems occurring (major and/or minor). For example, just a year ago a new Windows 10 update was found to create a huge issue with Cortana that managed (somehow) to allow it to eat up nearly all of your CPU usage.

Well, with a new report coming via CNBeta, it seems that this issue is again apparent as a new Windows 10 optional update can potentially cause significant system slowdown or, in far more severe cases, hard crashes!

Windows 10 Update Causes Slow Down or Hard Crashes!

Coming as part of a recent (and seemingly minor) cumulative update, users have reported that since applying it they have encountered problems with the operating system slowing down quite notably at points or, when gaming specifically, the PC completely locks up with not even with a BSOD. In those instances, it’s being suggested that the only recourse left has been to physically restart the PC and hope it doesn’t happen again.

Can This Be Fixed?

At the time of writing, this doesn’t appear to be an issue affecting all users. Actually, if anything, it seems that only a relatively small pool of people are experiencing this. A factor that would suggest that the problem is some kind of yet unconfirmed hardware conflict. – On the plus side, however, Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and, releasing today, a new update (Windows 10 KB4580364) will be looking to (hopefully permanently) fix the error.

So, good news… maybe. Well, presuming that this fix doesn’t create any more problems and yes, this has happened before on Windows 10!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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