New Xbox Codenamed ‘Durango’

/ 6 years ago

Multiple sources close to the project claim Microsoft’s next Xbox console is codenamed Durango, Kotaku is reporting.

Obviously it’s a pretty ridiculous name, and not nearly as cool as Katana, which was the Dreamcast’s codename, or Revolution, which is was Nintendo was originally calling Wii.According a quick Wikipedia search ‘Durango’ is a settlement in Spain; has been attached to Dodge and Ford cars; the pseudonym of the Probe 16 car featured in A Clockwork Orange; a type of a frisbee game; a Mexican football club; a vessel operated by the Mexican Navy; and an 1999 episode in the Hallmark Hall of Fame. Do with that information what you will…

Earlier this month, Xbox World magazine claimed Microsoft will include a Wii U-like touchscreen controller.

Other rumors have suggested the hardware will support Sony’s Blu-ray format and may include measures to prevent second-hand games being played.

Source: CVG

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