New Xbox will ‘Not be backwards Compatible’

/ 5 years ago


Talk about a blow to the face! It appears that the new Xbox will not be backwards compatible for all those out there who are looking forward to the new graphics, smoother game play and Halo 3 on their next gen Xbox.

It seems that Microsoft will be following the trend that the Playstation have been setting with the PS3 and Ps4. Whilst backwards compatible is a brilliant thing for many gamers it is understandable that companies will want you to buy the “HD” version rubbish where they literally just slap a new coat of paint and keep everything the same and epic you to fork out another £40 for the game.

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This could mean one of two things, either Microsoft are trying to phase out the Xbox 360 games which would save them on some money or they are trying to have a ‘reasonable’ excuse to up the prices of Xbox360 games later down the years.

The new generation eh? Looks more like a nightmare to me. Best we can do is h0pe that the huge ‘reveal’ on May 21st doesn’t turn into a huge egg to the face for all Xbox fans out there.

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One Response to “New Xbox will ‘Not be backwards Compatible’”
  1. Wayne says:

    There’s always gotta be a catch somewhere. I’m just pleased that these new consoles are x86 based which should bode well for us pc gamers. Apart from that I couldn’t care less what Sony or Microsoft do with their consoles.

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