New York Man Holds World Record For Largest Personal Video Games Collection

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Michael Thomasson has an incredibly large video game collection, so much so that he has recently earned himself the world record for largest personal collection of video games! With a staggering 10,607 titles in his collection there is likely to be plenty to pick from in Michaels house, although I imagine the argument of what to play is frequent.

The collection is actually thought to be more since he found even more titles tucked away in his house after he set the record, but with a total estimated price of around $700,000 to $800,000. Michael has no intention of selling his collection any time soon, a very impressive feat in its self.

“I have games on cartridge, laser disc. I have VHS-based games, cassette-based games,” Said Thomasson .

he set this record despite starting over twice, first in 1989 when he sold his collection to raise money for a new Sega Genesis, then again in 1998 to pay for his wedding (that’s right, he’s married). Michael is growing his collection exponentially, purchasing around two games per day with an annual budget of $3000.

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So, how many games do you have in your collection? Personally I’m rocking about 500, a small collection compared to this one.

Thank you Gamespot for providing us with this information.

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One Response to “New York Man Holds World Record For Largest Personal Video Games Collection”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    About 60 genuine copies, 5 pirated copies from about 10 years ago & 0 digital downloads (all PC games).

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